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How To Pass Your Driving Test

Your driving test consists of two parts, the driving theory and the practical test. During the practical test the examiner will be looking for your overall standard of driving.
The overall tests will lasts approximately 40 minutes. Relax and drive exactly like you have practiced with your driving instructor.
If you make a mistake, DON’T WORRY it might not be a serious as you think, just put it out your mind and concentrate. The examiner will test your ability on different scenarios these generally include;


  1. Eysight test – involve you being able to read a number plate 20 metres away for new-style plates (20.5m for old-style).
  2. General driving ability – following instructions to drive in different traffic and road conditions.
  3. Independent driving – about 10 minutes of you making all the decisions to think and drive on your own.
  4. Emergency stop – You might also be asked to carry out an emergency stop.
  5. Reversing – The examiner will select a skills test that will require you to either turn in the road, reverse around a corner, back into a parking byy or parallel park your car.
  6. Highway code- Know your highway code!.

You are allowed up to 15 driving faults and no serious or dangerous faults. If you pass you can drive straight away, if you fail you can re-take within 10 days. Remember to get feedback from the examiner!




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